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Brad's Page
     Well I loved this picture so much I stole it from my girlfriends page that she made for me (She's so sweet).  Well I decided after long thought to make my own web page, I am seeing if I can make mine better than my sweethearts.  If you want to see the cool page my girlfriend made for me then just click on the cute little llama.  You better think that my page is better or I will hunt you down and kill you.  Oh ya have a nice day and enjoy the rest of my page.  With out further delay here's the show.


Check out your Horoscope to see if you are going to have a good day.

See if it's true love (Oh, how cute).

Very cool place for Mac users.

Get your free web page.

Great way to talk over the internet.

Check out one of the greatest Playstation. games.

Visit my Something to Think about page.

My page on Computer Games.


    Just thought I would throw these pictures in.  If you can't tell I think Ferrari makes the coolest cars.  Once I become a millionare over night I am going to go out and buy me a couple of these cars.  Maybe if you email me then I can send you one of these cars also... Just be sure to tell me what type of model you want me to send you.

Email me if you have any questions or comments.