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I need to take a quick break from your enjoyment and talk about a problem society has.
It is the problem that faces only some of the unlucky Cereal Characters.  I think the worst of these cases is the Trix Rabbit.  He is just a normal rabbit not any different than say Fred off Fruity Pebbles or Tony the Tiger off Frosted Flakes.  So why should he be treated so terrible I mean all the poor rabbit wants is some Trix.  The kids that pester him have had way more Trix than they ever need, so I ask why can't just for once they just share.  I think if they just let the rabbit have his Trix once than maybe he wouldn't pester them anymore.  If I were the rabbit I wouldn't take that abuse and stand up for myself and take those stupid kids out.  I mean for a cheap price he could hire someone to come in get the job done and leave.  Maybe someday he will smarten up and finish those kids off once and for all.  If not do it for himself do it for poor Lucky that has the same problem with getting Lucky Charms.  I think they should team up against those kids, in fact I bet the kids that pester Lucky are the same kids that pester the Trix Rabbit.  That's just my 2 cents.

    Well I hope you like the first of many different thoughts I am going to bring up.  I should hopefully bring up a new thought every week, but I don't know if I will have time to.  Email me your thoughts on what you think about the topics.  Also tell me if you agree and if not then give me your address so I can find you and hurt you severly.

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