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WarCraft 2 Cheats and Tips

So you want some hints and tips huh? Well we have them for you! First of all do you really want these Hints? Do you want to be a cheater? What will your friends think if your a cheater? Just kidding to use them type ENTER then type the code then press ENTER again. Whithout further delay here they are:

1. Glittering Prizes: Lumber, Oil, and Gold 
2. Valdez: 5000 oil
3. On Screen: Shows entire map
4. Make It So: Speeds up training and building
5. Hatchet: Makes it so it takes 2 chops to cut wood
6. It Is a Good Day To Die: Invincibility
7. Title: Units travel faster
8. Unite The Clans: Go to victory
9. The Pitiful Worm: Lose
10.Every Little Thing She Does: All magic and all upgrades
11.Never AWinner: Lets you play after victory
12.Noglues: Lets you walk through traps unharmed
13.Deck Me Out: All upgrades

I hope all these codes help you take out the bad evil guys! Well if you want to win the game without cheating then all you have to do is Click Here.

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