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Welcome to Brad's WarCraft 2 page!!! Here you will find Pud's, Hints, demos, and other cool stuff!!! First of all if you do not have the game download it now!!! Now that you have the game here comes the fun part.You can also go and find some cool Cheats and Tips! ! I have many Pud's for multiplayer games and for single games. You can get them chalenging or simple your choice. I will give you some samples of the kind of Pud's I have then if you want for a small price you can buy tons of Pud's. If you want to get some cool Pud's Click Here!!! Well I hope you like this page I have some links for you to visit. I also have some cool Screen Shots and other pictures!!! Now that you are all done with the WarCraft 2 pages now you can visit my really cool Paintball Page!!!


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One more thing if you don't have email then get it from Hot Mail!!! Well I am going to add more things to this page later, so stay tuned and come back my page is not quiet done! If you want me to add things then just email me and tell me what you want. I can put anything on here that you want so EMAIL ME!!! One more thing make a visit to Web Counter for a counter of your own!

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