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WarCraft 2 Hints

So you wanted to beat the game without using cheat codes? Well I can tell you some things that will help you do that! All of these things I am going to tell you I use and it works very effectivly! So this is just not a bunch of crap.


The perfect group is having an orge or someone like the orge with a catapult and an axe thrower. 
The reason this is the most effective group is because while the orge like guy is fighting while the catapult and axe thrower are able to hit them without being attacked.


The first thing you should build after your town hall is a farm. Once that farm is done get the guy that just built the farm to start on a lumber mill. While that is happening build a peon, once that peon gets trained then take him and build a barack. Keep building peons every chance you get! With the peon done with the lumber mill you have him start on a farm. Then unless you have a bunch of money you start getting gold and getting wood. Keep that peon that built the farm keep making farms. That is really important because you need as many farms as you can get so you don't run out of food! Once you starting getting a lot of fighters and axe throws and some money then you can start building more things. Remeber peons are always a smart buy!!!


I have found a tatic that works really good for me. (You should have atleast 6 baracks for this to work good.) What I do is I will get about 30 men can be anyone axe, orge ect. and I will select 8 of them and patrol them up to the enemys base. I do this until all my men are gone, while they are fighting I will build more guys. When those men are done I will patrol them up to the fight then keep making more guys. Pretty soon you just start to overwhelm them and finally win the battle. Do Not Do this if you don't have atleast 6 baracks and a good sum of money!!!

The other tatic you can use if you don't have a lot of men to spare is build all the diffrent types of guys and then when you go into battle then be sure to bloodlust everyone you can because bloodlusting gives you such the advatage over them.

If you have anymore ideas on strategy then pleas email them to me and I will give you reconition on your finding. I am not done with this page yet so there will be more strategy soon so bookmark and visit this place regularly!

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